Get Cash Now For Your Structured Settlement Payments


RightWay Will Ensure You Get The Cash You Deserve For Your Structured Settlement


Future payments provide a predictable source of income. You know exactly how much and when your check is coming.

While structured settlements provide long-term financial security, there are certain situations where selling the settlement may be advantageous. Here are some benefits of selling all or part your structured settlement:

1. Immediate Access to Cash: The primary advantage of selling a structured settlement is the ability to receive a lump sum of money upfront. This can be beneficial in situations where you need immediate funds to cover financial emergencies, pay off debts, make investments, or seize new opportunities.

2. Flexibility and Control: By selling your structured settlement, you gain control over the funds and can use them as you see fit. This allows you to address pressing financial needs, pursue business ventures, or make significant purchases without having to wait for periodic payments.

3. Resolving Debt Issues: If you’re struggling with mounting debts or facing financial hardship, selling your structured settlement can provide a way to alleviate your debt burden. By receiving a lump sum, you can pay off high-interest debts, avoid late payment penalties, and improve your financial situation.

4. Investment Opportunities: Selling a structured settlement can provide you with the capital to explore investment opportunities that may yield higher returns in the long run. Whether it’s starting a business, investing in real estate, or pursuing other ventures, having a lump sum of money can offer greater potential for financial growth.

5. Changing Financial Circumstances: Sometimes, life circumstances change, and the original reasons for opting for a structured settlement may no longer apply. Selling the settlement allows you to adapt to new financial goals or meet unforeseen challenges more effectively.

RightWay Funding, is a direct purchaser of structured settlements.  This allows our customers to get the money they need quickly.

Our team believes in complete transparency when it comes to our business, which is why we provide accurate quotes for structured settlements.

We can help you get your money now rather than having to wait!

RightWay Funding is here to show you several structured settlement purchasing options that will help you to utilize your money when you can use it the most!

Get Cash Now for Your Structured Settlement Payments

RightWay Funding helps people get their cash quicker from the sale of some or all of their structured settlement payments, enabling folks just like you to use your cash on your terms. It has made RightWay Funding so popular with our customers. If you’re still receiving payments from a structured settlement resulting from an accident, malpractice, or personal injury, RightWay Funding can buy all or just a portion of your structured settlement payments so that you can have cash now and even keep some of your payments for the future.

Getting Money Now for the Sale of Annuity Payments

Initially the payments may have suited your needs, but as costs increase and with inflation on the rise and income on the decline, you may have found that it’s no longer sufficient to pay your bills and other obligations. RightWay Funding can help you sell your annuity payments to address your current financial needs.

You Can Even Get Cash for Lottery Winning Payouts!

RightWay Funding can even help customers sell their lottery winning payouts. If you are receiving payments from a state lottery and need to gain access to your cash, we can help. RightWay Funding has decades of experience helping lottery winners get the cash they need for their lottery winning payouts.